Jun 24

Writing An Expression of the Heart

My usual description of a Creative Writer is, an individual (aziz basrai)who possesses a highly imaginative mind, who can leap beyond the boundaries of the ordinary into the extraordinary. No mind-bounded individual can be considered a Creative Writer. One must be open-minded and ready to take on the adventure of a tale not yet told.

I have been writing for a very long time and over the years, I’ve learnt that creative writing not only comes from the mind, but from the depths of the soul. There are times when I wake up in the morning, and a story starts to flow through me, and if I dare to go through that day without putting that story on paper, I promise you my day will not go very well. Sometimes I have to drop whatever I’m doing and get it out there, because the excitement is down in my bones and somehow refuses to subside, unless I grab my pen and paper.

If you want to be a Creative Writer, you must possess, but not be limited to these qualities:

  • Passionate

You must have a passion for writing. If you have no zeal at all when it comes to putting words on paper, then writing is definitely not your thing. No matter what we do in life, we must have a passion for it, else we will never do our best at it. Writing is no different. You have to have that zeal burning inside you. I know nowadays, many people who are not Writers, hire Creative Writers to do a book for them, then put it on Amazon Kindle Publishing and other sites, for the one reason of making easy money. Nevertheless, Creative Writers don’t necessarily write for the money, but they write to bless people with the gift that dwells inside them. Are you a passionate Writer?

  • Observant

Not paying attention to your surroundings will ultimately have you writing about things that have virtually nothing to do with what people want to hear. Open your eyes and look at the things that people gravitate towards. Provide material that intrigue people and keep them coming back for more.

  • Discipline

This is one of the most important trait that a Creative Writer must have you can get writing tips from Jeff. If you are not disciplined in this field of work, you may turn out to be one of those people who never finish a story or never complete that book you were so zealous about last year. No matter how you feel or how busy you get, set some time apart to complete your book. If you have lots of ideas for a story, create a plot for each and save them. If you just keep them stored in the back of your mind, you might just forget them overtime. Complete the story that you already started, then move on to the next. I know it can be tough, especially if you’ve lost the vibe to continue writing your first book, but speaking from experience, jumping from one book to the next only makes things worse. Again, stick to the first one and finish it!

  • Focus

A mind that is all over the place will definitely not get a good job done. Focus is key to getting things done, not only faster, but more accurately. Writing while your mind is all over the place will only produce a bunch of confusing statements. If you have a lot on your mind and you can’t concentrate, close the book and take a walk, read a book or even do some meditation. Whatever it takes to get you back on track, do it. For me personally, I don’t work very well in noisy environments. Disturbing sounds easily hit pointers out of my head, some that I actually disappeared for eternity. In such cases, I will put my notebook down and try to find a quieter place that is more conducive to my writing.

  • Determination

Whenever you feel like things aren’t going as it should, keep your cool and your focus and press on to the bitter end. Sometimes even those who are closest to you will want to deter you from using your skills, especially to build an income for yourself. There was a time when I didn’t believe I was very good at writing, and I would hide all my writings from my family and friends. But since I started to do Online Freelancing, I started to understand and appreciate how much of a good writer I am! Many of my clients have been wowed by the fictional stories, story plots and even blogs and articles that I’ve written for them. Now that I know how good I am, nothing or no one can tell me otherwise!


My fellow Creative Writers, I trust that you will strive to build on these qualities and even grow beyond them. It’s a blessing to be able to put pen to paper and create magic that people can enjoy. Don’t let anyone discourage you; believe in the talent that God blessed you with and write, write, write!

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